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PVB foil is a waste what appear by the recycling of safety glass. At the moment approx 7500 ton is going to landfill in Belgium. 

UpcyGran tackles this problem and turns it into a profitable venture. We are a proud pioneer and future producer within the circular economy. In fact: we co-create the circular economy.   

How? We have developed an innovative technology to clean contaminated PVB waste and transform it into valuable, sustainable sheets. Since our technology combines the use of existing machineries from different industries it turns out difficult to have it patented. Our IP lies in the background information on how to smartly combine technologies,protection of sourced raw materials and compound compositions. Our team is deeply interconnected with the glass recycling industry and has the background knowledge on how to find the right product market combinations, and the network to cooperate with specific customers within these markets 

Initial technical marketing initiatives made clear that our sheets (relatively) easily can be incorporated in existing roofing applications. 

Our u-PVB match the main products’ requirements.

Our u-PVB can easily compete – economically and technically - with the materials that are currently used, especially EPDM and Bitumen: 

 Very good adhesion and film-forming properties 

  • Good water resistance 

  • High bonding power 

  • Good elasticity 

  • Very good compatibility with organic solvents 

  • High compatibility with other polymers 

  • Very good thermoplastic processing  


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