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Fighting Biofilm in water without chemicals, but with High Frequency Ultrasonic.
In countries where it is hot, they suffer from algae growth, limescale and bacteria formation in pipes and installations. Both from private to multinational they suffer from it and we can help in every sector where the world is, and this completely without Chemicals. So if there are companies that want to reduce emissions by saving fuel or electricity, and want to reduce the maintenance costs, we can help with our NDV Ultrasonic System on High Frequency Ultrasoon!

We keep tubes, coolers, ships, industry, ponds, swimming pools, etc. free of Algae, Lime and Bacteria, and this without Chemicals, with our transducers on High Frequency Ultrasoon. This keeps your installation completely clean, and no bacterial colonies can occur, and no lime plaque is present, or no thread algae in the water. 

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