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Who are we?

A-membranes is a technology-driven company. We offer unique and sustainable solutions in nano-, ultra- and microfiltration, based on grafted ceramic membranes. Our patented grafting technique attaches a very stable single layer of organic functional groups to the ceramic material, changing the chemical affinity of the membrane surface. By selecting the right functional groups, we tune the affinity of the membrane to your process needs and expand membrane filtration from a purely size-based operation to an affinity-based process. This way we tailor innovative and sustainable solutions for your difficult and energy consuming separations, fractionations, and purifications. Our solutions are available for both water- and solvent-based streams.

Our grafted ceramic membranes combine high stability and tailor-made affinity. The stability results from the robustness of the ceramic support and the very stable ceramic-organic bond. The tuneable affinity arises from the unique surface properties created by the modification technology in combination with a wide range of functional groups. A-membranes allow unique tailor-made solutions for your separations which existing membranes cannot offer. They enable continuous separation of components that can otherwise not be separated, and replace or intensify existing separation solutions (e.g. distillation, chromatography, coupling reaction-separation) for both solvent- and aqueous-based streams. Our membrane filtration is a sustainable technology, realizing reduced energy consumption, preventing carbon emissions, and offering a significantly smaller environmental footprint.  

What do we do?

We apply surface modifications on commercially available ceramic membranes: most metal oxides and silicon carbides, with pore sizes ranging from micro- down to ultra- and nano-filtration.

Grafted A-membranes combine high stability and tailor-made affinity. A-membranes remain stable, without leaching, at high operating temperatures (150°C and above), in a large pH window (depending on the type of acid/base) and in solvents (a wide selection of polar, non-polar, aromatic, protic and aprotic solvents have been tested). A-membranes do not swell and can be heat-sterilized, stored dry after cleaning, do not need glues or spacers…

We offer a very large selection of organic surface modifications to adapt the interactions between membrane surface, solvent, and solute to the requirements of the customers’ process. This way our tailored membranes enable continuous separation of components that otherwise cannot be separated, and replace or intensify existing separation solutions (e.g. distillation, chromatography, coupling reaction-separation) for both solvent- and aqueous-based streams. Our technology is a sustainable technology, with reduced energy costs and a consequent cut in carbon emissions, and a smaller environmental footprint.

Some examples of applications in solvent streams: widely applicable for organic solvent nanofiltration, with organic solvent recovery and purification, catalyst recovery, API or peptide concentration, etc.

In aqueous environments, our surface modifications lead to a very strong and tailored anti-fouling effect. This effect creates a strong reduction of the flux decline, eases and reduces cleaning. As a consequence, the use of our membranes comes with reduced capex and opex. The effect has been demonstrated for humic acids in surface water, produced water and water/oil emulsions, lignin from paper production, in the isolation/concentration of anti-oxidants, peptides, catalysts, dairy,..  


A-membranes offers the following products and services:

1/ Grafted tubular ceramic membranes – available for industrial use and for R&D applications

2/ Membrane Housings

3/ Laboratory Feasability studies

4/ Pilot Testing and Pilot Installation Rental Service

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