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We are designing and manufacturing Airflow UVC sterilisers for cleaning rooms (residential & hospitals, but also schools, restaurants, showrooms, etc...). it is proven that UVC is changing the DNA & RNA of all pathogens (viruses, bacteria & other) so that these are killed.

There are already UV robots or UVC lamps on the market, however these are unhealthy for people, and can only be used in empty rooms.

We are developing an air flow UVC module, which projects high density UVC upwards, into a "kill-zone", for damaging the bacteria/pathogen DNA which are in the aerosols of the air.

Inside our Airflow UVC steriliser, there are three chambers for efficient cleaning & disinfecting of the Air flow.

The nice design of the Airflow UVC steriliser will allow the installation in any room, even a bedroom, because of the low noise. It will be adjustable by radio wireless connection and wifi.

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