Large-scale production of affordable lidar sensors

Posted on 31 Jan 2020

Self-driving car manufacturers have to choose whether they want to equip their cars with a combination of cameras and radar, or with a lidar system to visualize the environment in 3D. The German company Bosch says it is ready to produce affordable lidar sensors on a large scale.

Pricey lidar systems

Self-driving cars cannot do without a system that scans and visualizes the environment. Tesla counts on cameras and radars as the "eyes" of the car. Other car manufacturers opt for a lidar system. This technology uses lasers that compose a 3D map of the environment, based on the reflection of the lasers. However, those lasers often cannot do it alone and must be combined with cameras, radars and sensors. This makes lidar systems more expensive.

“Ready for production”

However, Bosch plans to produce lidar systems on a large scale, with the intention of lowering the price and thus making it affordable for car manufacturers. Although Bosch says that it is “ready for production”, it is still unclear what the price and delivery time will be. It is also not known whether the German company could already convince car manufacturers to place orders.



© photo Bosch

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