From toxic residues to valuable components with Inopsys

Posted on 27 Jan 2021

What does Inopsys do? And what about cleantech?

Inopsys develops mobile and modular installations for on-site treatment of by-products from chemical and pharmaceutical industries. These are industries with production methods that generate hazardous and toxic residual or rinse waters that are difficult to process. Currently, the majority of waste streams are incinerated, which is harmful and causes pollution. 

Thanks to Inopsys' on-site treatment facilities, the linear destruction method is transformed into a circular and sustainable reprocessing process. Streams that were previously labeled as waste are now, by combining the best possible techniques, custom treated with the recovery of materials as a result. Pure water, but also valuable components such as Palladium, Platinum and Zinc are recovered. Inopsys enables that these materials can be reused. 

In addition, Inopsys is active in researching the impact of micropollutants such as pharmaceutical components, endocrine disrupting chemicals, PFAS, and (unfortunately) many more in general surface water. Inopsys works with pure chemistry in its labs. However, the chemistry it creates between the appropriate technologies and the expertise it builds is important for the development of its sustainable and innovative solutions. 

Are you looking beyond Belgium’s borders? 

A recent capital injection of €5m, has encouraged us to look into international expansion. Our current and potential customers also have branches in Europe, so we are already faced in that direction.
We are doing business in Switzerland, the heart of the pharmaceutical industry with Roche and Novartis as its best known players. It’s where we intend to open our first office outside of Belgium to serve our customers faster. We’re also looking at Germany and the Netherlands for starting up projects. 

What is your sustainable impact on our society? 

Water scarcity strikes us all, and yet as a society we choose to think of water as waste and let it go to waste through industrial incineration. Even though we have the solutions to recover both water and other valuable components. 

One of our installations is capable of recovering dozens of kilos of the precious material palladium every year. Today the market price for a kilo of Palladium is €60,000. That is serious recycling. In addition, the water is pure and can be used for biological water treatment with no trouble at all.
It’s Inopsys’ mission to make the circular processing of chemical and pharmaceutical side streams the new standard and to keep harmful chemicals out of surface water. In the end, our society will benefit greatly from this. 

What challenges do you face as a a Flemish growing company ?

Flanders limits us because it’s small, with a small market to cater for. To grow, you have to take a leap a go abroad. Of course that’s always a challenge. Having a network to fall back to is very important. Build and nurtureyour network, that’s our advice to start-up companies. 

What does the future hold for Inopsys? 

Our biggest focus is international expansion. We will focus on the (fine) chemical and pharmaceutical industries in Switzerland, Ireland, Germany and the Netherlands. We focus.

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