Three-minute flight for a fully electric Canadian plane

Posted on 9 Jan 2020

“Today we made history. I am incredibly proud of Harbor Air's pioneering role to redefine safety and innovation in the air and seaplane industry. Canada has always played an important role in the history of aviation. ”

Electric propulsion motor of 560 kW

CEO Greg McDougall of the local Canadian airline Harbor Air has presented to the press a fully electric commercial aircraft, a world first. He previously worked with the American company magniX, which specializes in the development of electric motors for commercial aircraft. They built in an existing DHC-2 model from producer Havilland Beaver, which seats six, an electric propulsion engine of 560 kW, good for 750 hp. It was CEO McDougall himself who took off from the Harbor Air water terminal on the electric plane and then landed back on the water after a three-minute flight.

Application for certificates

The magniX company had already presented the electric propulsion motor this year at the famous annual Paris Air Show in Le Bourget, near Paris. In December 1903, the Wright brothers made their maiden flight. Today, 116 years later, this first electric airplane flight marks the start of an electric era in aviation. The transport industry, and especially the aviation sector, is ready for enormous disruption. Today we prove that environmentally friendly commercial flights with electric aircraft will be possible at a low cost in the near future, ”said Roei Ganzarski, CEO of magniX. Both partners are now teaming up to obtain the necessary certificates from the Canadian government to conduct commercial flights on their e-planes.

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