Former Opel site in Antwerp is now called NextGen District

Posted on 22 Oct 2020

The former General Motors site is currently being transformed into a new hotspot for circular economy. The area is 88 hectares; an equivalent of 110 football pitches. Port of Antwerp deliberately chose make this large area available for circular economy. In doing so, opportunities will be given to both large players and startups. NextGen District includes a testing ground where startups can grow, as well as sites of different sizes for chemical, industrial players.  
Port alderman Annick De Ridder: "With NextGen District we aim to create many new jobs that will further contribute to the sustainable growth of our port. For us, it is essential that new concessionaires share and confirm our ambition for the future and sustainability. This will contribute to the strengthening, synergy and diversification of the port platform. Moreover, this is the ideal location to accelerate the transition in the Antwerp chemical cluster. In this way we will continue to focus on the added value of the future and thus also on our prosperity. 

Wanted: pioneers in circular economy 

For the development of the site, NextGen District is looking for players who want to boost the circular economy. Port of Antwerp therefore launches a new international market survey to find investors for the site. It specifically concerns candidates with core activities within the circular process industry (mainly chemical processes) and within the manufacturing industry with a focus on energy transition. 
In order to effectively realise the sustainable ambitions for the development of NextGen District, candidates will also be assessed on the future orientation of their project, i.e. its innovative value, climate impact and agility. 
The first deadline of the market survey is February 2021



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