FlixBus: after electric buses now also buses on hydrogen

Posted on 4 Dec 2019

“After being the first to successfully drive three fully electric buses, we now want buses capable of long hydrogen journeys,” said André Schwämmlein, founder and CEO of FlixMobility, the German holding company above low-cost transport company FlixBus.

No own buses or drivers

FlixBus does not own any buses or employ its own drivers. It is a trademark that includes a sales and marketing system for the organization and practical planning of cheap bus rides between major cities, nationally and internationally. FlixBus deploys regional bus companies for this purpose, which use their own buses and staff to run routes that are developed by FlixBus.

Hybrid system for long distances

However, this does not prevent FlixBus from taking a clear position with regard to the climate challenges that also apply to the bus sector. For example, FlixBus already commissioned three electric buses produced in China in France and Germany. Although those buses cannot bridge great distances. André Schwämmlein: "A hybrid system that combines batteries with hydrogen cells is the practical solution for heavy buses that travel long distances." Additional requirements are a range of at least 500 kilometers and the refueling may last a maximum of 20 minutes. A first pilot project is already planned.

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© Photo Janusz Jakubowski - PV Magazine

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