Cleaning using the right bacteria: more than cleantech

Posted on 23 Apr 2021

It sounds like swearing in church, but the Antwerp industrial engineer in biochemistry Joris Jansen is bringing an atomiser with bacteria onto the market for cleaning. Just as there are good bacteria in our intestinal flora, there are also bacteria in nature that get rid of bad odours, reduce dust and prevent dust mites.

"War against bacteria"

Not all bacteria are bad, Joris Jansen states in his interview in the Gazet van Antwerpen. In medicine, people have agreed on this for a long time, but the current perception about cleaning is still one of "a real war against bacteria". He decided to use his knowledge of biochemistry to look for "good" bacteria that occur in nature. His target? Bacteria that devour autumn leaves and provide good odours.

Reusable atomiser

His research yielded results. He isolated some "cleaning bacteria" and continued to cultivate them on an industrial scale. The final phase of the production process is the pressing of these bacteria into a tablet form. These tablets can be dissolved in water in a (reusable) sprayer. When cleaning, it is enough to spray the surface with this liquid containing the bacteria and allow it to take effect, before wiping with a microfibre cloth. Bacteria are left behind on the surface "that further purify your home for a long time, so you have less dust and odours," says the ambitious engineer.


There is no lack of ambition for Joris. With his product Yokuu, the Japanese word for forest therapy, he also wants to fight odours and house dust mite with bacteria. He will continue to research and develop this in the coming period, in collaboration with the University of Antwerp, among others. So this Flemish story of Yokuu will certainly be continued.


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