Corporate Days @ FLuxys

16 Feb 2023

Organized by Flux50 & The Blue Cluster

Are you an SME looking to tap new markets? Flux50 and The Blue Cluster will help you. Are you aiming for partnerships with large companies for your innovation? Large companies, such as Fluxys, are open to innovative technology to improve their products and services. Submit your proposal by 23/12/2022.

Flux50 and The Blue Cluster want to actively link innovations and companies. That is the concept of the Corporate Day @ Fluxys.

Fluxys is open to various innovations. But solutions that can offer flexibility in the context of (residual) balancing (such as electrolysis on demand, offtake on demand, storage & peak shaving in mobility applications, etc) may definitely be in the selection.

Date and time

16 Feb 2023

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