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Which unique clean technology did you develop? is bringing the novel carbon-based hybrid powercapacitors to market. We develop customer-specific battery packs. Applications range from a few cells for a swarm of satellites, over energy storage and UPS to very large and heavy full battery-electric of hybrid vehicles.
Hybrid powercapacitors operate like supercapacitors (no redox reaction) but have similar energy density as lithium-ion battery cells. Hence they address many of the practical issues of lithium-ion batteries and improve on them: safety (no fire risk), high power capability, fast charging, wide temperature range, robustness & simplicity (no BMS, no active thermal management, zero maintenance), long life (20000 cycles or 10 to 30 years), 96% DoD, etc.
As the main materials in the cells are based o activated carbon and aluminium, they are less demanding in terms of rare materials. The long lifetime and the battery assembly with no BMS and active thermal management systems result in a much more sustainable technology with a 10X to 20X lower ecologicla footprint.
The cells are in production for about 2 years with customers worldwide, often for demanding applications. Examples are energy storage and grid-level UPS in warm countries and heavy traction vehicles (trains, trucks) in hybrid or fully electric traction.

How does this technology contribute to a sustainable world?

Carbon-based hybrid powercapacitors address not only many functional weaknesses of lithium-ion batteries. They are a lot more sustainable solution over the whole lifetime:
- Raw materials are aluminum and activated carbon.
- Lifetime: often, they can outlive the system in which they are used, lasting 10 to 30 years with no need for replacement.
- They can safely be used in second-life applications (with capacities from 75 to 50% of the original capacity) with only a small reduction in power capacity
- Traction batteries can be fast-charged (5 to 10 minutes) and with a DoD of 96%, hence lower capacity batteries can be used without loss in power capability
- No BMS means fewer electronic components and copper wiring
- No active thermal management means no failure-prone cooling that require coolants and energy for a pump.
- Robustness and simplicity means zero maintenance for years, hence a lower operational cost in resources (manpower, materials) is focusing on the battery assembly and system-level aspects and helping customers worldwide. Battery test are performed in cooperation with Flandersmake. obtained a Seal of Excellens from the European Commission and applies its powercapacitor technology for use in urban vehicles in the EU H2020 Multimoby project.
By winning customers in all parts of the world for demanding applications, we are attracting the attention to the Flanders/Belgium region. Recently was selected in a competitive setting to participate at the Sustainable Marina Event in Monaco and the Charge-on Challenge of the mining industry (Austalia, Brasil).

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