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The agricultural and horticultural sector faces enormous challenges. The worldwide population is increasing year after year, the profitability of the sector is under pressure and the farmer is often pointed out with regard to climate. To respond to these challenges, innovation will be key.

Agropolis was developed to inspire and stimulate the farmer and horticulturist to apply these innovations. Agropolis aims to accommodate innovative, sustainable and future-oriented companies on its business park, which will ultimately serve as an important source of inspiration for the sector. Agropolis will take on the role of facilitator in this respect. On the one hand companies are guided in the establishment of their activities and on the other hand the link is made with the existing agricultural and horticultural sector. In this way, cross-pollination & knowledge sharing are created, and today's farmers get the chance to arm themselves for the future.

Specifically, a business park and network facilities are made available to companies wishing to set up their own building. Our incubator is available to startups and service companies and is provided with the necessary accommodation and guidance. Located in northeast of Belgium and close to the Dutch and German borders, Agropolis has a unique and central location in Western Europe.

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