SmartSymbiose: Flemish companies exchange residual flows

Project description

Through the online Flemish symbiosis platform, companies can contact other companies and search together for opportunities for symbiosis through the exchange of supply and demand. Through this partnership, companies can close material cycles, thus avoiding the exploitation of primary raw materials. In this way, industrial symbiosis contributes optimally to reducing the climate impact and associated CO2 emissions.

Symbiosis can involve high-quality material valorisation of industrial by-products, the detection of the (separation-, dry-) technology required to realise the symbiosis or the use of recyclates to replace primary raw materials. Reuse of available (demolition) materials can also be exchanged.

It is the ambition of the online symbiosis platform to efficiently detect and further facilitate the interactions between companies. You can obtain online advice at any time from the symbiosis team (VITO) that will help you with questions or make the right contacts, together with relevant knowledge and research centres.

In this way, you expand your knowledge network with a view to high-quality material valorisation. At the same time, you reduce your waste costs and create 'new' material yields. In short, the online symbiosis platform is worth it!

The online symbiosis platform is aimed at a broad and diverse target group. The platform is designed for companies, environmental coordinators and consultants, as well as for research institutions that are looking for material flows for a new valorisation technology, but also at organisations that are looking for reusable materials.

At the moment the focus is on material flows (including waste water), in time the processes and technologies used by 2 or more companies could be aligned or even deliberately designed in such a way that a far-reaching complementarity is created in each other's use of space, material and energy flows.

Our guarantees :

You will receive free assistance and expertise from an experienced symbiosis team, on technological, logistical and legal matters.
You always decide with whom you share your information.
Your collaborations are an economic added value: you can convert your waste costs into a material yield.
The environmental impact of your company is reduced.
You enlarge your knowledge network

How does the platform work?

You enter a demand or an offer. If you are looking for a material (demand), you will see a list of matching companies offering that material. If you have a specific material that you want to use as a high quality raw material (offer), you will see a list of matching companies that are looking for that material. The most relevant opportunities will appear at the top.

Are you interested in a specific supply or demand? Use the platform to contact the company with which you would like to start a collaboration. Without any obligation. The provider or requester of that material chooses when he shares his identity and detailed information. The dates remain private until you accept an invitation.
Companies determine the details of an agreement completely autonomously. Also the financial component.
This allows you to use by-products from other companies as an alternative raw material. Or vice versa.

OVAM supports high-quality material valorisation in order to close material cycles and waste less (primary) materials. However, the OVAM has no view on the individual company data within the online platform, these are only visible to the symbiosis team. OVAM only uses the aggregated symbiosis data in its policy monitoring of the circular economy. Consult the general terms and conditions for more information.

Project application

Are you interested in a specific supply or demand? Then you can contact the company with which you want to start a collaboration on the platform. Without any obligation.

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