I2PCC: your provincial springboard to Chinese Cleantech challenges

Project description

Strong ties between Flemish and Chinese provinces and cities.

4 provinces (Antwerp, together with the POM, Limburg, East Flanders and Flemish Brabant) are joining forces with Cleantech Flanders and FIT (Flanders Investment & Trade) in the Interprovincial Internationalization Project China Cleantech or I2PCC project. This initiative gets support from ERDF, the European Regional Development Fund.

The 4 participating provinces have long-standing relationships with several  interesting provinces and  cities in China: Shaanxi, Chongqing, Guangdong, Hebei and Chengdu. These long-term ties ensure the necessary strong mutual trust and short communication lines. In such fertile soil, the I2PCC project was able to start in the best conditions. The great interest of the Chinese regions translates into a very warm & constructive welcome and interesting return visits.

To overcome major  cleantech challenges with 4 decades of experience

China faces major environmental challenges and awareness has grown. The challenges that result from  emissions to air, water and soil are enormous: not only in terms of the size and extent of the pollution,  but also in terms of urgency for finding an adequate solution.  With an end-of-pipe approach that ruled in the 80s in particular, todays experts can no longer wait to start tackling the emission challenges with the best available technologies.  The same holds for  waste, where collection, sorting and recycling, let alone prevention and reuse, are still to develop. For energy and mobility, China is building a nice track record, especially for wind energy and electric mobility. A smart and sufficiently developed grid for the transport of electricity, as well as  energy  storage and the recycling of the early generation of lithium batteries are additional challenges. Finally, China is investing massively in new city districts, where sustainability is an important issue.

Changing mindset

Environmental challenges nowadays get much attention in China. New regulation comes into force regularly, and constitutes the framework in which Flemish cleantech solutions can be fitted in and grow in an ideal manner. It is therefore no surprise that the I2PCC initiative is very welcome. Chinese companies look forward to find solutions and experience abroad.

Flemish SME’s have it

In many cases Flanders is leading for adopting new regulation and adopting specific clean technologies . Flanders and its SMEs have built up a lot of experience over a 4 decade period during which the approach changed from end-of-pipe to prevention. With common sense, Flemish SMEs tackle many challenges in an innovative and economically responsible manner. Rather than adopting  an expensive technique without proven  track record, solutions  are looked after that efficiently tackle the challenges at large enough scale and acceptable cost. And of course they also look for future-oriented solutions to make their cities and industry more sustainable.

9000 km: both a far and close distance

The Flemish provinces have already jumped the 9000 km distance. In February-March 2019, the different regions were visited by our China and Cleantech experts. We received a warm welcome. During this exploratory mission we showed our philosophy, strongholds and already some nice business cases in a real roadshow of seminars. After a short presentation of the I2PCC project by our China experts (including Geert Regelbrugge), Frans Snijkers continued with a presentation of Cleantech strongholds in Flanders. Pierre Faché concluded with a number of business cases. During the  Q&A session the response clearly showed a lot of  interest in the Flemish technological solutions. Visits to integrated companies in waste and water management, emission control, and pharmaceuticals led to more specific questions. Based on the many inputs and further specifications, we got an overview of the needs that our companies can respond to. In the spring, several incoming missions from the Chinese regions will visit Flanders and the companies. Chinese regions get to know better our possibilities and we learning to better understand to their needs.

Tackle one of the challenges by providing: 

1. Process technology leading to zero emission production;

2. Reduction or treatment of air emissions in all kinds of industry;

3. Air treatment in buildings (improvement of air quality in new and existing buildings);

4. Reduction of water usage and water treatment from industrial sites (chemistry, pharmaceuticals, landfills, mines, ...);

5. Reduction or treatment of sludges from water treatment (WTP), chemical and pharmaceutical plants;

6. Soil remediation, eg. bioremediation of soils contaminated by heavy metals, oil, PAHs, cyanides, organic pollutants, pesticides ...;

7. Waste treatment from prevention, reuse,  sorting and recycling to processing of solid waste;

8. Hydrogen technology: from green production, storage, transport, power generation, to applications in mobility, energy, logistics, chemistry ...;

9. Energy efficiency in all its aspects;

10. Smart grid and energy storage applications;

11. Second life applications and recycling of Li car batteries.



Project application

Interested to engage in the Chinese market?

We see following possibilities for collaboration:

1. Your company engages, develop contacts with us and look for business opportunities;

2. You prefer to jump with other companies and together take on a certain challenge. Each of you brings in a part of the puzzle, one takes the lead, the others contribute their part. I2PCC leads you to interested companies.

Send us your proposal. We will look for a match for the posed challenges. In the event of a positive response, we will then put you in touch with potential Chinese partners.