COCOON: coherent European landfill management strategy

Project description

Cleantech Flanders coordinates COCOON with eight partners from six European regions. The aim is to improve the regional policy regarding the management of landfill sites in the six European regions. Every region uses the existing regional legislation as a starting point and learns from the best practices and lessons learned in the other regions. Relevant policy instruments will be developed enabling the grants for projects on the management of landfill sites to be increased.

There has been a huge amount of waste dumped on landfill sites since 1950. There are more than 500,000 landfill sites in Europe. The European Commission is the party requesting a clear policy regarding the management of landfill sites in Europe. Landfill sites are dynamic stocks of raw materials (materials, energy, land) which can be integrated back into the economy. At present, there is still no specific European legislation in place regarding the management and valorisation of landfill sites. The policy regarding waste management and soil protection is also not integrated in an overarching framework of the circular economy.

COCOON is the second prize-winning project of EURELCO that is coordinated by Cleantech Flanders. This indicates a growing acceptance of Enhanced Landfill Mining and Management and demonstrates the importance of tackling this across borders. COCOON is financed with a budget of 1.4 million euros, where 85% of the support stems from the European Development Fund, within the Interreg Europe programme.