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The mission of Solenco Power is to “Become the leading supplier of zero-carbon Energy Storage applications based on i) Technological excellence in product; ii) strategic alliances in distribution; iii) cost reduction and flexibility in production”.

The hydrogen-based Solenco Powerbox, allows every home and business to cheaply store their own generated energy, for hours or whole seasons, with 90-95% conversion efficiency for either electric or heat storage.

The Solenco Powerbox is the combination of an electrolyzer and a fuel cell in one unit. This means the unit is capable of transforming electricity into hydrogen, storing it that way, then converting hydrogen back into electricity and heat, at minimal loss. Heat output takes the form of hot water at a rated temperature of 80°C. Storage can continue indefinitely without loss, in ordinary pressurized gas cylinders.

Our method has zero carbon footprint and works anywhere, allowing homes and businesses to be heated and powered with intermittent solar and/or wind storage and even to feed excess power into local city grids at the time of day when the grids are most willing to pay for it. Generation and distribution are local and help stabilize the local power grid.

This solution provides energy autonomy and grid independence for its user. It is the practical application of decentralized power production. Powerbox is based on our patented reversible fuel cell, that stores electricity indefinitely with an unprecedented cost-efficiency and capacity. It delivers electricity and/or heat according to the users’ needs.

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