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Newtec Water Systems is specialised in the development and the sales of an electrolysis solutions for the in-situ production of chlorine, based on purely water and salt. The machine, available in small and large units, is eliminating the need for transport and storage of dangerous chemicals like high concentrated chlorine. It allows the user to re-use water and to use rain water as potable water for humans of animals. Pipe lines in buildings are disinfected and kept free from biofilm and legionella.

The machines are manufactured with plastic parts and components that, in case of replacement, are being recoverd by Newtec that is using them for the production of new plastic parts and components. In this case waste of plastic is avoided.

The chlorine is very much diluted making it completely safe and hazardous free for humans or animals. The freshly produced product is replacing the wide spread usage of plastic containers, availble in may shops today on an environmently friendly manner.

Because the product is produced fresh on-demand, there is no risc that toxic by-products are formed, which areĀ found in stored chlorine containers.

The product is approved by the Flemish Agency of Health and Care that it can be used for the disinfection of germs in biofilm, such as legionella, in water pipe lines in hospitals en elderly homes. By using the product, the warm water temperature can be lowered with several degrees, allowing a important reduction in energy for heating the water. Purging the water pipes can now be done with chlorined cold water, adding more energy and water savings to it.

Using this system is allowing sustainable systems such as heat pumps and solar heating to be used more efficiently while sixty degrees production of hot water is no longer needed.

The system is commercialised under the product name AqualityBox.

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