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Maritech is a young (2016) and dynamic company that offers innovative and ecologic solutions related to water contamination problems.

In doing so we always strife to:

- avoid, or at least reduce, the use of (harmful) chemicals.

- minimize power consumption

- ease of installation and minimum maintenance

- treatment during operation (improving MTBF)

At the core of our treatment is the very specific ultrasound technology invented (1999) by Mr. Hilaire Thomas, who is still our partner for production and further research.

It all started with a project to avoid blockage of drip feeding lines for tomato growers.  After solving this problem, it was noted that the occurrence of several plant diseases was also reduced. After further investigation, it was found that in fact biofilm-formation was avoided (prevented) and removed (curative) from tank walls and piping systems. (Biofilm is a feeding ground for different micro-organisms and it is the origin of further biofouling and contamination of water systems)

The result is cleaners tanks and installations with a reduction in cfu's (colony forming units).

Further research and improvements made resulted in applications related to:

  • Horticulture and aquaculture
  • Cooling towers
  • Pools and fish nurseries
  • Water treatment and recycling plants
  • City ponds, fountains and recreational waters
  • Brewing installations, beer pumps and storage tanks
  • Irrigation of golf courses
  • Boats and other marine structures

We have many studies and references available, for further information relevant to your application, please contact us.


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