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IPAS has 40 years of experience in separation technologies for waste, raw materals and coal.

IPAS is developer and promotor of the WASTE REFINERY, the solution to kick off the circular economy.

WASTE REFINERY is a fully mechanised process to separate and upgrade Municipal Solid Waste into recycled raw materials and into an energetic fraction. This energetic fraction can be valorised as fuel (for heat or electricity) or into chemical processes.

WASTE REFINERY is the best possible alternative for landfill or incineration of Municipal Waste, both from ecological and economical standpoint. The end products are clean and safe for environment. WASTE REFINERY is a complete and contemporary solution.

The WASTE REFINERY installation is also suited for landfill  mining: cleaning up and recycling of existing and historic dumpsites.

IPAS offers WASTE REFINERY as product or in combination with investors. All forms of co-operation and co-investment are possible (DBFMO, PPP).

IPAS has as structural knowledge partner: GIG Central Mining Institute Poland.


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