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Numbers talk better than words

A) Our emission test with University of California :

  • -59% in NOx 
  • -10% in CO
  • -8.5% to -20% in CO2
  • -41% in CH4
  • -28% in HC
  • up to - 95% in PM (side test)

B) Our consumption test with the Free University of Brussels :

In conclusion at the aggregated level the hypothesis of a 15% decrease in fuel
(in liters per 100 km) can be accepted at a confidence level of 99%.

Fuel Matrix is a liquid solution that can be added directly into your vehicle fuel tank or into bulk storage depending on your requirements. The dosage rate for Fuel Matrix is 1/10000 ( 1Ltr per 10,000 Ltr’s or 10ml per 100Ltr’s ).

We have discovered a method to create a strong bond between hydrocarbon and oxygen molecules, creating the ideal combustion conditions for diesel fuels. The strong bond between the hydrocarbon and oxygen molecules optimizes combustion, which improves fuel economy and ensures the oxygen is unavailable to the nitrogen in the air, which substantially reduces the production of harmful NOx emissions.

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