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Aptus is a smart technology company that focuses on sustainable technology to solve socially relevant challenges. Aptus has developed High-Five in that context (www.high-five.io).

High-Five is a solution that encourages primary school children to move sustainably to and from school. In this way we want to create a sustainable school environment with fewer cars. We focus on sustainability as well as safety and health.

We are not interested in boosting school transfers in the short term. We actually built our system to allow the children to develop a habit so that they later think about sustainable and healthy travel. Learned young is done old.

  • We provide a lot of innovation (rewards, exercises, videos) in the platform, so that it remains interesting for the children
  • Rewards don't always have to cost money, 10m extra playtime is sometimes more fun for the kids than a movie ticket!
  • Game factors such as a mascot, medals, avatars, leaderboards make it exciting.
  • The relationship with education is the success factor of a project. We learned a lot from previous projects.
  • Lore, our 'community manager' comes from education and manages the relationship with the schools, takes work off your hands and develops new campaigns.
  • Complementary to the remuneration platform, 7 awareness campaigns are also set up per year

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