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  • Energy & Energy efficiency
  • Mobility and transport

Who are we?

Altreonic is the technology company behind supplies reliable solutions for clean energy which are sustainable (safe, long-lasting and cost-efficient during their lifetime) and practical and focuses on the B2B market.

What do we do? develops batteries for drives and demanding energy storage based on carbon-based hybrid power capacitors.


Carbon-based power capacitors have the energy density of lithium-ion batteries and the power density of supercapacitors, so a 50 kWh battery can function as a 500 kWh battery.

Other advantages are: safety and unparalleled robustness, no fire hazard, can charge up to 75% within 5 minutes, operates from -40°C to +80°C, over 20,000 cycles, no BMS required, no active cooling required. With carbon as the dominant component and over 10 years of service life, these carbon-based power capacitors are a much cleaner and more practical solution for electrical propulsion and electrical energy storage.

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