Allgreen Energy N.V.

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Partner domains

  • Energy & Energy efficiency
  • Agro & Food
  • Sustainable materials

Who are we?

A. Allgreen Energy N.V. developed very high efficiency industrial (mainly for schools) 30,60,100 and 200 L and family (6 and 15 L) cookers which only use 10% of energy. All cookers have chimney to avoid the smoke and fine dust in kitchen. The company works in Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya.

The last 10% we substitute with bio-briquettes made from agricultural waste. As rural farmers earn big part of income from production of charcoal. We give them selected high yield seeds instead.

Charcoal is mainly used in towns as it dry and don’t produce smoke. Bio-briquettes are also dry and can substitute charcoal.

Families in towns are using 20-40% monthly income for energy to cook the foods. By using our cooker and bio-briquettes they only spend 5%. The cookers have warranty for 10 years.

B. Allgreen Energy N.V. developed flow generation which transform from 2m/s river flower into electricity (patent pending). For this project we still opening for partner.

What do we do?

Presently for Africa the deforestation is even a bigger environmental problem and cause big reduction of biodiversity.

Wood in Africa is used mainly for producing charcoal and fire wood for cooking. 5% of all trees are cut for cooking, causing big soil erosion, reduction of agricultural production, desert formation and migration to towns or to Europe and USA. Also, the enormous increase of population and climate change have negative effects.



Allgreen Energy N.V. developed cookers which only use 10% of the energy, to stop the use of wood for cooking completely, and started production of bio-briquettes to substitute charcoal and wood.

We use an off-grid solar panels (200kW system, battery and standby bio diesel generator) to produce briquettes.

The local farmers are supplied by selected seeds to increase yield (and income) to substitute income of charcoal production, and sell of biomass for briquettes. We reduce 200,000tons/yr CO2.

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