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The tool that unburdens cities and municipalities in meeting renovation targets

Identify the neighborhoods with the greatest renovation potential, engage citizens in 

simulations, concretize with tailored professional advice

Identify potential per district

Have a tool at your disposal which allows you to simulate renovation and energy strategies

Summit works on an individual, neighborhood, municipality and city level. As a simulation tool for the environment, it offers help in developing renovation plans at the district level, and provides insight into the potential of renewable heat. 

In this way, the tool can stimulate the market and is also of interest to companies in that market, such as study and planning firms! 

The basis consists of the integration of data on buildings from various sources

Engage citizens

Allow residents to simulate which renovation choices are most appropriate. Owners select renovation measures and simulate what effect these have on their energy bill, EPC label, investment costs and subsidies. 

The tool offers comprehensive renovation advice. By answering questions about the home and its occupants, an analysis is made of the living situation (the construction, the systems, the occupants, their behavior and their energy consumption). This is coupled with Summit's expertise about the Belgian construction sector and makes improvements by mapping out renovation and renewable energy sources.

Concretize renovations

Is the citizen inspired by the housing simulation? Then the renovation process can begin. Start with an audit and follow the path in BENO+. 

BENO+ is the online platform which is used as a hub where personal and housing data, agreements, offers and technical documentation, grants... can be found per BENOvation project.

Citizens, contractors, coaches and local authorities get their own access to the data, while respecting privacy. This way you have all the information to finalize the project and to report to the authorities.

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