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Who are we?

Founded in 2016 at the Greenville incubator, Act&Sorb is an environmental technology company which develops green commercial recycling solutions for difficult-to-recycle or non-recyclable waste streams such as MDF and other wood residue streams.

What do we do?

MDF waste is converted into high-quality activated carbon. Activated carbon is a substance which can bind all kinds of substances by absorption and, because of these properties, is often used in water and air purification.  The excess heat released from this process is reused or converted into green energy.


MDF is an extremely versatile wood product with numerous applications: from kitchen cabinets to laminate flooring and much more. More than 70 million tonnes of new MDF are produced worldwide each year. In the absence of recycling solutions, production residues and discarded MDF are incinerated or dumped. Act&Sorb's pioneering recycling process changes all this. It creates value from biobased MDF and helps furniture manufacturers and waste collectors to contribute to the circular economy and comply with increasingly stringent legislation. The Act&Sorb technology converts MDF waste into high-quality activated carbon which is essential for the treatment of polluted air, water and soil. 

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