Flemish company supplies two incineration plants in India

Posted on 19 Feb 2020

Two high-tech incinerators will be started up in the Indian state of Gujarat, in western India, in mid-2021. The technology used for the incinerators is Flemish and comes from the company Keppel-Seghers from Willebroek.

Energy recovery

“Each of the two large installations is good for the combustion of 50,000 thousand garbage bags per day. We convert the energy into electricity for half a million Indians, ”says Nicolas Maertens of Keppel-Seghers. The construction of such high-tech ovens in India remedies several problems facing the country. For example, India is struggling with a huge mountain of waste. Garbage that is not burned in the open air either ends up in the waterways or in nature. On the other hand, the demand for energy in India continues to rise spectacularly, but generating it is not always sustainable. The two incinerators will both shrink the waste mountain with 100,000 garbage bags every day, and provide energy for energy supply for some 500,000 inhabitants through energy recovery.

Specialist of waste (incineration)

Keppel-Seghers' expertise is also called upon in Hong Kong and China, which, like India, are facing major waste problems. For example, Keppel-Seghers will build a waste island in Hong Kong and expand its activities in China. There may be a few more projects for this Flemish company in India, because the current prime minister Narendra Modi needs to do something about the waste problem.

Source: VRT Nieuws

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