Transparent windows generate solar energy

Posted on 30 Jan 2020

Will it soon be possible to generate electricity with solar energy with fully transparent solar cells that replace the glass in a window frame? Korean researchers claim they do, although their technology does have an impact on the efficiency of the solar cell. On the other hand, the technology also offers possibilities for smartphones.

Not completely transparent

The more solar panels on a house, the more electricity can be generated. But a home also contains windows and scientists have been looking for a technique to produce more or less transparent solar cells for some time. They can then replace the classic glass windows to produce solar energy in this way. Some international teams had already developed prototypes, but the windows were not completely transparent.

Also interesting for smartphones?

Scientists at the Korean Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) claim to have developed a technique to produce fully transparent solar cells. A solar cell contains a substrate, or a layer of silicone with a wafer structure. By drilling very small holes in that substrate, which are invisible to the human eye, a transparent solar cell is obtained that does not give a red haze, as in previous prototypes. The efficiency of these types of solar cells may be lower than ordinary solar cells, but they can be used anywhere. They may be used in smartphone screens in the future to provide the necessary electricity for its operation.


Source: Susanova

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