Processing plastic waste from cars into textiles in Antwerp soon?

Posted on 23 Jan 2020

“I can't say much about the construction of a recycling factory in Antwerp. Everything depends on what we find in the garbage collected here. A car contains more and more plastic. We have to do something with that. But of course we are not a creative institution. ”

83 PET bottles for a winter coat

These are the words of the Dutch textile engineer Monique Maissan, CEO and founder of clothing company Waste2Wear in an interview with De Tijd. This entrepreneur, who is active with her company in China, makes clothing from recycled PET bottles. Over the years she has refined the technique to produce yarns from empty PET bottles for clothing, but also for (back) bags, pillows and carpets. Some of the PET bottles take Chinese fishermen, who are no longer allowed to catch fish in specific areas, out of the water near islands and coastal strips. With the recycling of 83 PET bottles, it is, for example, possible to make yarns for a winter coat. Well-known fashion brands now order those yarns to use in their collection.

Belgian Scrap Terminal

But Waste2Wear looks beyond the recycling of PET bottles. The company already produces textile products from recycled plastic from refrigerators, air-conditioners and food containers. Monique Maissan also looks towards Antwerp. She maintains good contacts with the recycling company Belgian Scrap Terminal (BST) in the port of Antwerp. BST is committed to “processing end-of-life cars, consumer goods and metal from chemistry and building to the last possible fiber”. Maissan is interested in recycling the plastic that BST removes from the vehicles on the scrap heap. She enlists the help of Chinese universities to see how new car parts, carpets or dashboards can be produced with that plastic waste. When asked whether she will invest in Antwerp, Maissan says the following: “I have been asked several times to start something in Antwerp. If the Chinese research shows that we can do something, we will see whether we can start a recycling company with the Belgian Scrap Terminal. ”

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