York City Council wants to keep private car traffic out of the city center

Posted on 21 Jan 2020

The city council of the British medieval tourist city of York wants the city to be completely carbon neutral by 2030. No less than 12 locations in the center exceed the air quality values. A city ban on private car traffic within three years is on the table.

Bus and taxi stop

York attracts more than 7 million tourists every year. But it is also one of the UK's cities with the most air pollution. The national air quality standard is 40 micrograms per cubic meter of nitrogen dioxide. Air quality measurements at no less than 12 locations in the center indicate that this value has been exceeded. Two places in the city center record the worst values. 59.9 μmg / m3 was recorded at a bus stop and 57.7 μmg / m3 in the row of taxis at the local station.

Better public transport

One of the measures to tackle the strong pollution in York is the city government's plans to ban all unnecessary private car traffic in the city center in three years. Residents with disabilities should still be allowed to use their car in the city center. “This measure is not intended to stop tourism or prevent residents in the center from having a car. However, all car traffic that is not necessary must stay away from the city center. With fewer cars in the center, cycling will become safer. It is also necessary to improve public transport and make it more attractive, ”said a member of the city council.

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