Windenergie zorgt voor helft van Deense elektriciteitsproductie

Posted on 6 Jan 2020

Through the commissioning of a wind farm in the North Sea in August 2019, Denmark managed to obtain as much as 47 percent of its electricity from wind energy. An absolute record, compared to 0.3 percent worldwide.

Number 1 in Europe

Denmark started investing heavily in wind energy as early as the 1970s. Those green ambitions are still relevant today, because the government wants to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 70 percent by 2030. By the way, a law that was passed last year targets electricity production from 100 percent renewable sources. On a European level, Denmark is number 1 in terms of wind energy, far ahead of number 2, Ireland with 28 percent in 2018. Only 14 percent of the European electricity produced comes from wind energy.

New record

Last year, 47 percent of Denmark's electricity came from wind power, up 6 percent from 41 percent in 2018. This new record of 2019 crushes the previous one from 2017, when the rate was 43 percent. These figures disappear into thin air when compared with the percentages worldwide. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), only 0.3% of electricity production worldwide comes from wind. However, the intention is that this percentage will increase fifteen-fold in the next two decades.

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