Will mobile batteries soon replace polluting diesel generators?

Posted on 27 Nov 2019

During the 2019 Summer of Antwerp edition, technical problems threw a spanner in the works. In 2020, the festival will normally be able to test a mobile city battery or "power bank" on site for the first time. Such giant batteries can replace polluting diesel generators.

Mobile Green Energy Set

The summer edition of 2019 was intended to use a large city battery, also known as MGES (Mobile Green Energy Set), for the first time, to provide the necessary electricity for a circus. At the circus location, the mains power was insufficient and MGES was a possible alternative to diesel generators. However, due to technical problems, too tight a schedule, leakage current and extra safety measures, the MGES could not be used as a test case at the circus location.

MGES test in 2020

Yet the effort had not been in vain. For example, it is very difficult to estimate which festival location of Zomer van Antwerpen will consume how much electricity at any given time. In the run-up to the 2019 edition, measurements were carried out to map energy consumption. This should allow the organizers, in combination with statistical analyzes, to be able to estimate sufficiently what the mains power can supply and where city batteries can possibly be used to absorb a peak. In this way, the use of diesel generators can be avoided. The plan is already to deploy and test the MGES during Summer of Antwerp 2020.

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