From wastewater to irrigationwater

Posted on 15 Oct 2020

Ardo produces high quality fresh frozen vegetables, herbs and fruit for a worldwide growing market. They want to do this in a sustainable way, with respect for people and the environment. They are passionate about people, our planet and their products and it is their ambition to keep these three elements in an optimal balance. 
Through participation in the F2AGRI project (effluent to agriculture) coordinated by VLAKWA, Ardo is working on a better environment. The project investigates and demonstrates the possibility of reusing industrially treated waste water as irrigation water for agriculture and horticulture. 
The treated waste water from Ardo is stored in a basin and then distributed via an underground pipeline network. The pipeline network is 24 kilometres long in total and is spread over 500 hectares of agricultural land. There are 150 water collection points. The pipe network is at a pressure of 10 bar so irrigation is simple: connect, open the tap and irrigate.  
The treated waste water is only intended for local reuse by farmers and horticulturists in the immediate vicinity. In addition to the sustainable approach to water reuse, F2AGRI also aims for sustainability in terms of transport, energy and time management.   

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