VUB develops next generation batteries

Posted on 8 Oct 2019

If everything goes according to plan, the Battery Innovation Center of the MOBI research group at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) will start using a “dry room” in early 2020. New battery technologies can be developed and produced in this “dry space”.

Cheaper electric cars

The VUB is working hard on the next generation of batteries, developed from innovative materials. This new battery technology is necessary to increase the capacity of the batteries for electric cars, so that they can drive up to 800 kilometers. With the same innovation, it should also be possible to produce cheaper electric cars by marketing less expensive batteries.

Necessary for quality and safety

For this development, the VUB is installing a “dry room” on the Etterbeek campus. In a dry room, the regulation of both the air humidity and the temperature can be fine-tuned, with a dew point of -45 ° C. This is necessary for the quality and safety of the battery produced. Other advanced devices with roaring names such as a “ball mill”, a “blade coater” and a “hot calendaring machine” will be set up in the same dry room. "With the installation of the dry room and our expertise, it will be possible to realize further developments within battery technology," said Professor Van Mierlo, head of MOBI at the VUB.

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