VLAKWA 2020 Call for demonstration and dissemination projects

Posted on 12 Aug 2020

Concepts for efficient water management 

The repeated dry periods of recent years and water shortages for citizens and businesses are sufficient reason to pay attention to efficient management of the liquid gold. In line with this, Vlakwa, with the support of the provinces of Antwerp and West Flanders, calls on consortia of companies and organisations to submit demonstration and dissemination projects on sustainable and innovative technologies, products or concepts in the field of WATER. The call therefore aims at innovative concepts that lead to more efficient water management (within a company, business park, city,...) and, by extension, the innovation also leads to a saving or recovery of raw materials and/or energy.  
Examples of suitable project proposals are not limited to the list below:  

  • Downscaling of existing water treatment techniques - Some sustainable techniques are already successfully applied in larger companies or abroad. Smaller companies do not seem to follow these new developments for a variety of reasons. Demo projects can support the implementation of such techniques in Flemish SMEs and companies. 
  • Water sharing - Neighbouring companies can match their water demand with (rain) water supply.  
  • Innovative products, concepts and technology through which the agro and food sector can better arm itself against drought. 
  • Online sensors and monitoring of parameters - Water management by means of monitoring with smart water meters and water quality sensors. 
  • Reuse of waste water through innovative technologies.
  • Recovery and/or reuse of raw materials from wastewater - wastewater often still contains valuable raw materials. Techniques for the recovery of these raw materials are stimulated. 
  • Water reuse and heat recovery - Combining techniques so that energy can be recovered from hot water streams in addition to water. 
  •  … 

VLAKWA subsidizes 66% of the project costs (including part of the knowledge institutions) on a budget of 100.000€. Projects have a maximum duration of 1 year (starting 1 January 2021).  
See also: https://www.vlakwa.be/projecten/demonstratieprojecten/vlakwa-call-2020/  
Project proposals are expected by 18 September at noon. Interested? Then submit your project proposal in time!

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