ViNi Green Energy Solutions launches green hybrid 'all-in-one' energy generating module

Posted on 20 Oct 2021

Green heating & cooling, green fuels and storage

In Flanders, everyone - from citizens to local authorities and companies - will be able to become a green supplier of electricity. From 2023, energy sharing will be further extended to real energy communities.

Those who join together in an energy community will then be able to invest as a group in a green energy installation, insulation, energy storage (e.g. a district battery), communal charging stations for electric cars, etc. The cost of the investment and the resulting benefits will then be shared among the members of the energy community or spent on other ecological or social projects. 

ViNi Green Energy Solutions has developed a total hybrid system to generate green energy totally independently and thus offers an interesting solution for such energy communities.

Producing and storing green energy independently

ViNi Green Energy has been active in the development of vertical axis wind turbines for years. CEO Geert Devisch already obtained a US patent in 2018 and many international patents followed. Based on this vertical axis wind turbine, ViNi Green Energy went one step further and developed an 'all-in-1' independent power system (I-PS).

The I-PS not only generates wind energy. Solar panels and storage systems are also integrated, which together ensure continuous energy production. In addition, hydrogen can be produced on demand. 

This hybrid and modular energy system is offered both in a cascade version for flat roofs and in a freestanding tower version. Importantly, it can be fully customised into scalable units ranging from 23 to 100 kW. Multiple units can be linked to work in clusters. "We analyse the customer's needs and convert the energy into electricity, heat, cooling or we produce hydrogen or other green fuels with it. A green all-in-one solution", explains Devisch.

A versatile system

"The hybrid system is unique in its kind and has many advantages," according to CEO Geert Devisch. "It is very compact, noiseless, produces no vibrations, no cast shadow, the integrated artificial intelligence monitors the operation of the system and allows for quick and even anticipatory intervention. The wind turbine is also omnidirectional and therefore also interesting for installation at lower altitudes, not susceptible to metal fatigue of the blades and does not fail at sudden increases in wind speed. It also generates up to 10 times more power thanks to its patented technology...". 
Because the system is so versatile, it also allows ViNi Green Energy to address many different target markets. From high-rise apartment buildings on the coastline, to ports, large industrial manufacturers, transport companies but also agricultural companies and SMEs at home.  

Presented in Belgium in fall - first order for America incoming

This autumn, the I-PS system will be presented in Belgium. Devisch: "But ViNi Green Energy is targeting the global market with leads in Turkey, Mexico, Africa, Asia, Australia and the Middle East. In the meantime, a first large order for 300 surface-mounted systems for US-based Directional Energy - worth US$18,000,000 - has been received."

About ViNi Green Energy Solutions

ViNi Green Energy Solutions BVBA (2016) is a subsidiary of ViNi SA (1986). ViNi SA offers total solutions for the production of green energy: green heat and cooling, green fuels (hydro-gen, ammonia, methanol), battery systems, total integration combi systems... While ViNi Green Energy focuses on innovations within the same domains. 
More info:
Tel. +32 50 533 880

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