ValCUN raises 1.5 million for further development of 3D metal printing technology

Posted on 18 Mar 2021

Our partner ValCUN has raised 1.5 million euros capital for the further development of its patented 3D metal printing technology. Founders Jonas Galle and Jan De Pauw say they want to make 3D metal printing 'accessible and economically competitive'. "Even Google and Tesla are potential customers," sound the ambitions. 

Sustainable and patented 3D metal printer 

ValCUN has raised 1.5 million euros for the further development of its 3D metal printing technology. 

Unlike the majority of existing technologies, ValCUN does not use metal powders and high-energy lasers. The more efficient heat input also results in considerable energy savings and there are no shape requirements for the additive material. As a result, both wire, granulates and residual flows such as recycled metal and previously printed parts are suitable for use. 

In this way, the start-up wants to make the 3D metal printer economically competitive for all players in the manufacturing industry. At the end of last year, the patent application for the technology was approved, with which ValCUN, together with demonstration parts, managed to convince investors.

Realising world ambitions 

ValCUN already has several pilot projects in the pipeline. The prototype is further shaped to meet the needs of target applications such as near-net-shape products and heat exchangers. These are crucial for today's batteries for example. In this way, ValCUN hopes to keep up with the growing popularity of electric vehicles worldwide. The increasing need for higher energy density and performance of batteries is an opportunity: this has a major impact on the cooling of the components. In addition, the founders see potential in IT infrastructure, which requires heat exchangers for data centres.

"We have not chosen an easy path by developing both hardware and a new technology, a combination that many investors are averse to. We are thus steadily pushing ahead with our high ambitions by thinking globally, and see potential in renowned companies such as Google and Tesla. From the outset, we position ourselves as an international company, as Belgium is too small as a testing market. To accelerate our plans, we are still looking for talent for business/customer development and engineering, as well as interesting cases from the industry," concludes co-founder Jan De Pauw.

About ValCUN

ValCUN was founded by Ghent entrepreneurs Dr. Ir. Jonas Galle and Dr. Ir. Jan De Pauw. The start-up developed a sustainable and competitive 3D metal printing technology for series production. Since its launch, ValCUN has already been welcomed by several accelerators such as SOkwadraat, Start it @KBC and Bryo. In 2019, the start-up hired its first employee, Dr Moshen Saadatmand, and recently the team was expanded with Antal Decugnier. By the end of 2022, ValCUN hopes to have a team of at least 9 full-time employees. 



Image: From left to right Jan De Pauw, Antal Decugnier, Jonas Galle and Mohsen Saadatmand

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