Two million euros for data monitoring of waste in Flanders

Posted on 3 Dec 2020

In Flanders, we know almost perfectly how much household and commercial waste is collected. But what happens to it in the recycling process is less clear. That is why the Flemish Minister for the Environment, Zuhal Demir, is providing EUR 2 million for a monitoring system.

Measuring is knowing

"Waste company OVAM has been monitoring the production of household and industrial waste in Flanders since the 1980s. Figures from cities, municipalities and companies are reported annually. This enables the Flemish government to monitor the progress of Flemish waste management. However, the current system is no longer sufficient to measure the challenges of the materials policy and the circular economy", says Minister Demir in newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws.

European subsidy

At the moment, therefore, we know how many tonnes of household and commercial waste are collected, but we do not know how many tonnes companies recycle and reprocess. That is why the Minister is investing EUR 2 million in a data monitoring system that keeps track of all collection data for both types of waste and links it to the data transmitted by processing companies. In this way, not only will there be a certain traceability system, but it will also be immediately clear how and where the collected waste has been processed. The EUR 2 million comes on top of the EUR 1.4 million that OVAM received via a European subsidy.

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