Sustainability Open Innovation Challenge 2021 – Singapore!

Posted on 21 Sep 2021

Singapore launched the Sustainability Open Innovation Challenge 2021. It’s a call for open innovation and collaboration around 9 challenges in 3 domains: circular economy, materials and food.

Each challenge is a problem developed by a company/institute/organisation and the reward goes from collaboration to seed funding.


9 challenges

1. Designing of a low-cost & drop-in manual or semi-automated sorting line for sorting recyclable materials from mixed household waste, with Alliance to end plastic waste.

2. Development of a proof of concept (PoC) to utilize advanced detection systems to improve the sorting accuracy and hence quality of sorted plastic fractions, with Alliance to end plastic waste.

3. Achieving Changi Airport's Zero Waste Vision, focusing on construction, plastic and food waste, with Changi Airport.

4. Increasing accessibility of food waste management for most food establishments.

5. Implementing environmentally friendly and less labor-intensive solutions for hawker centres cleaning.

6. Develop new technologies for engineered polymers to enhance recyclability and/or biodegradability, with ExxonMobil.

7. Carbon-neutral new passenger car fleet (focusing on plastic/leather alternatives for cars), with Mercedes Benz.

8. Establish value chain to convert plastic and/or diaper waste in Singapore to ISCC certified circular polymer feedstock, with ExxonMobil.

9. Enabling efficient automated sustainability assessments of seafood procurement for businesses, with WWF.


Register before October 24th 2021! 


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