From a surplus of citrus peels to beer, lemonade, and so much more...

Posted on 9 Oct 2020

From food to food  

Supermarkets and the catering industry have to transport large quantities of peels. PeelPioneers' pioneering technology offers them a one hundred percent circular solution. Sytze van Stempvoort, co-founder of PeelPioneers: "With the growing demand for freshly squeezed juice, the number of peels is also growing. We make food from food. In this process, the entire incoming stream is retained in the food chain. With the new factory in Den Bosch, we will soon be able to save even more peels from the incinerator. We are scaling up to one hundred and twenty thousand kilos of peels a day: an Olympic swimming pool".  

"This is a great milestone in the development of PeelPioneers," says Robbert van der Stelt. "I am happy that we can contribute to this again. Setting up a new production line, with lots of new technology, will undoubtedly be another challenging job. But it's in good hands with PeelPioneers".  


Meat substitutes  

With the investment, PeelPioneers will not only scale up production, but also get even more value out of peels. For example, new citrus peel products have been developed in the company's own laboratory and are ready to be implemented in the new factory. An example of this are dietary fibres that provide firmness and structure to meat substitutes.  


Leader in the circular food chain  

At the moment PeelPioneers is already making orange oil and raw material for candied orange peel, among other things. These ingredients are often used in foodstuffs, including beer, citrus muffins, lemonade and chocolates. In addition, the ingredients are used in non-food products such as detergents and cosmetics. In our own lab we are constantly researching how to get more value out of peels. One result of this is the newly developed dietary fibres. These offer firmness and structure to meat substitutes, bakery products and sauces and provide the right mouthfeel. With this, PeelPioneers wants to contribute to the protein transition.  


Less CO2 emissions  

PeelPioneers is the largest producer of citrus peel raw materials in North-West Europe. In this way they respond to the growing needs of North-West European customers. Thanks to the local production of high-quality food ingredients, they are no longer dependent on seasonal oranges or transport from outside Europe. In this way, PeelPioneers contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions.  


The Interreg Vlaanderen-Nederland GIST ('Growing Industry through a Sustainability Transition') project , coordinated by Cleantech Flanders and partners Cleantech Delta and the city of Rotterdam, supports the Dutch PeelPioneers with subsidies for a feasibility study. The feasibility study, in fact a FEED (Front-End Engineering & Design) study, was carried out to help realise the intended upscaling with a new factory to process 120 tonnes of peels per day. The investment in this expansion involves the recruitment of twenty new employees at PeelPioneers.  






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