SURE2050: Flemish climate-neutral heritage by 2050

Posted on 24 Jan 2020

Together with other partners, the Flemish government launched the SURE2050 initiative. This project must support local governments and central Flemish governments with advice and financial solutions to strive for a climate-neutral heritage by 2050.

75 municipalities and government services

Cities, municipalities and Flemish authorities have a lot of patrimony. The maintenance and renovation of these factors have an impact on climate goals, both in the short and medium term. To help local and Flemish authorities, the Flemish government started the SURE2050 project. Factor4, Fluvius, Facilities Services and the Flemish Energy Company (VEB) are the other partners. No fewer than 75 municipalities and public services are behind this initiative. Employees received training so that they can present a strategic plan for climate-neutral assets by the summer of 2020. In addition to the training, they also receive advice on financial solutions.

Knowledge center

The aim is also to bundle all knowledge about sustainable real estate policy and management within SURE2050, knowledge that goes beyond mere future heritage plans. Much attention is paid to well-informed decision-making, with an eye to financial income from the management of this property.

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