Stock exchange welcomes cleantech solution from Ekopak

Posted on 8 Apr 2021

Ekopak, a water purifier from Tielt that has put itself on the map with a unique service model, has made a remarkable stock market debut. On the very first day of the IPO, the shares immediately gained 7.14 percent. As a result, the stock market value of this company rose to 215 million euros.

The (stock) market is ready for companies that successfully focus on sustainability. CEO Pieter Loose took over this company from his father-in-law in 2013. He shifted the focus from selling water purification plants to a service model. Companies do not pay for the installation itself, but they do pay per litre of purified water. Through the IPO, Ekopak now wants to raise sufficient funds to further develop this model and place water purification containers at companies. This activity has been incorporated into subsidiary WaaS (Water as a Service).

With his company, Pieter Loose wants to help companies achieve their sustainability targets. Now that the requirements are becoming stricter, investors are also looking for companies that facilitate this process.

Ekopak's largest shareholder is remarkable: Marc Coucke. He now owns 40 percent of the capital since he already bought almost half of the company in 2019. Through the IPO, he invested an additional 12 million.

But the most striking thing about this launch was the conclusion Pieter Loose himself drew. In the press, he stated that he had seriously underestimated the interest of the small investor in this type of project. After all, small investors could not subscribe to the IPO and the small investor felt left out.


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