Sniffing for leaks

Posted on 26 Apr 2021

The Sniffers is an international service provider for the oil and gas industry. They detect emissions in above ground and underground installations of their customers worldwide. They have developed a wide range of services to measure emissions and ensure the integrity of underground pipelines. Leak detection is carried out with specific measuring equipment, vehicles and even trained dogs. 

Through their successful programmes they help their customers to drastically reduce hydrocarbon and methane emissions. In doing so, The Sniffers actually contributes to the reduction of global warming and the formation of smog and ozone.

Through the effectiveness of their environmental services, their clients can achieve their targets in terms of environment, sustainability and integrity. Becoming a partner of Cleantech Flanders therefore comes as no surprise. Cleantech Flanders spoke with Bart Wauterickx, CEO of The Sniffers.

What does internationalisation mean for The Sniffers?

"The Sniffers has been active in the world of emission measurements and pipeline integrity activities for 30 years. This has given us a lot of knowledge and experience which makes us one of the international leaders in the world. More than 70% of our activities take place abroad, driven by the presence of oil and gas installations and petrochemical industries. 40% of our activities even take place outside the EU," Bart explains. 

How do you explain the global success of The Sniffers?  

"An important factor contributing to our success is linked to the specific DNA of the organisation. The strong focus on adding value for the customers, the flexibility of the organisation, the drive, the entrepreneurial spirit and the will to really change something in this world are some of these DNA characteristics" explains Bart.

"With direct employees in 9 countries, each with their own background and values, it is a continuous challenge to communicate the specific company culture. And in times of COVID-19, when travel is limited to the absolute minimum, it is very difficult to compensate for this with virtual meetings."

"The (petro)chemical cluster in Antwerp gave The Sniffers the opportunity in the early years to develop our emission reduction and integrity activities. The knowledge and professionalism of our Flemish customers has propelled us forward, making us the world leader in this niche market. The Sniffers' knowledge of reducing emissions and achieving air quality targets is being transferred to other regions of the world. We receive a lot of praise from abroad for the knowledge and achievements that we have made in Flanders."

What does the future hold for The Sniffers? 

"Not every country has reached an air quality level as we experience in Flanders. Abroad, there is a big market for The Sniffers to support local companies to bring down emissions step by step every year and to guarantee the integrity of pipeline networks. Specifically, we are currently investing in business developments in Central Europe, Canada, Nigeria and Southeast Asia.
Post-COVID, the entire commercial team will have the opportunity to attend international conferences and events again, and - more importantly - to visit customers and prospects, so we are looking positively to the future." concludes the CEO of The Sniffers.

Bart Wauterickx CEO The Sniffers

Profile picture Bart Wauterick

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