Smartloop: find the highest bidder for your e-waste

Posted on 12 Nov 2019

“Companies can dispose of their e-waste in a simple, fast and user-friendly manner and at a competitive price. The recognized collectors, for their part, will be given the opportunity to tap into an additional income stream. ”

200 kilograms of e-waste

CEO Peter Sabbe responds in a press release about the launch by Recupel of Smartloop, the digital marketplace for discarded electrical equipment, also known as e-waste. Worldwide, 50 million tons of e-waste would be added annually, of which only a fifth finds its way into recycling. At an average company, school or non-profit organization "about 200 kilograms of unused PCs, refrigerators, coffee machines and other electrical appliances would be stored in forgotten storage spaces".

Legal processing

Many organizations are put off the administrative and logistical hassle of having the material recycled. The digital platform Smartloop must provide an answer to this. Companies, schools, healthcare institutions, non-profit organizations,… can sell their discarded electronics to the highest bidder or have it collected at the lowest cost. When reporting, the organizations can indicate whether repairs are still possible and whether the discarded electrical appliances may be offered in a thrift store. Only recognized collectors can offer, which ensures that the processing of the equipment is done in a legal manner and that valuable parts and raw materials are reused as much as possible in new equipment.

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