From recycling to upcycling

Posted on 14 Apr 2020

In the Brussels Ravenstein Gallery, you can see in a local store how some creative people have converted waste into useful consumer goods. "They will have a new place in this consumer society, with a new application and added value for everyone."

Discarded bicycle tires

Belgians are good students for sorting and recycling waste. But that waste can also be used to make beautiful and useful goods again. For example, it is perfectly possible to make bicycle collars for dogs or pencil cases. Or a handbag from a discarded keyboard. A faulty scale with four legs underneath can still serve as a crutch. “Items that are destroyed or discarded are given a new place in the consumer society, with a new application and added value for everyone,” says Belgiancarlo, the stage name of one of the craftsmen.

Every object is unique

Upcycling also has other advantages. “All objects are handmade and local. That gives a different atmosphere to an object. Every object is also unique and made with love ”, according to Lise Rose who shows her products to the public in the Ravenstein Gallery.


Bron: VRT Nieuws

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