Recycle even more wood waste into chip boards

Posted on 6 Nov 2019

“At the moment, our chipboards consist of 85% recycled wood. The share of recycled wood will now increase further thanks to this collaboration. Together we are able to maximize the recycling of wood waste. ”

At least 80,000 tons of wood waste annually

As project manager at Unilin, Peter Debruyne responds to the new strategic partnership between Unilin and the French multinational Suez. Sustainability is very important to chipboard manufacturer Unilin and the company already processes 800,000 tons of wood waste into chipboard every year. To increase that number of tons, the West Flemish company signed an agreement with Suez. Suez will collect the wood waste that families and companies leave in the container park and bring it to the Unilin van Oostrozebeke site. This would amount to approximately 80,000 tons of waste annually.


The contract between Unilin and Suez runs for two years, but there is an option to extend for another year. Sustainability is very important to both companies and this partnership is an example of the practical implementation of the policy of the Flemish Public Service OVAM. That policy strives for sustainable waste and materials management in Flanders.

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