Purifying indoor air with a plant pot

Posted on 15 Apr 2021

Now that in corona times experts plead for better ventilation of indoor spaces, now - correctly - a lot of attention is paid to the quality of indoor air. Even in non-corona periods, the air quality in offices and classrooms is important. Three young Dutch entrepreneurs are marketing a plant pot that can purify indoor air of toxins and large dirt particles. 

Pleasant air humidity 

The bottom of the OTree Lilly plant pot draws in air and forces this air through a number of filters to remove CO2, toxins, fine particles and even bacteria and viruses. Evaporation ensures a pleasant humidity. The plant also does its job, because the micro-organisms around the roots break down toxins. The nutrients that are released in this decomposition process are in turn good for the plant itself. 

50 times better than an ordinary houseplant

The young entrepreneurs are full of praise for their invention: "The air-purifying plant pot uses the natural power of a plant to filter indoor air. However, the ability to purify the air of an ordinary plant is limited. You would have to fill an average bedroom with ordinary houseplants to make a difference. The independent laboratory Fytagoras has proven that the OTree Lilly purifies the indoor air 50 times better than an ordinary houseplant." The three young entrepreneurs are still making their own plant pots, but they hope that with the help of financial investors, production can be scaled up. 



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