From organic waste to bioplastics and ammonia water

Posted on 28 Sep 2020

If we really want to become circular, it is best to close our cycles completely. Group Op de Beeck sets a good example. Group Op de Beeck Materials & Treatment started out as a manure processor. Their focus is on the production of organic fertilisers on the one hand and the full valorisation of organic waste flows on the other. They do this, for example, through the production of green electricity and heat generated by anaerobic digestion, followed by full recovery of all the nutrients in this organic waste.  
A total of 350,000 tonnes of organic waste per year is given a second life. This includes food products from supermarkets (expired products), recall operations, overproductions and by-products of the food industry, by-products of the biodiesel industry, rejected fruit and vegetables arriving in the ports, excisable goods, sludge flows from water treatment plants of food-producing companies ...   
Group Op de Beeck takes care of the entire processing process. They must not be dependent on other parties for the processing of the residual flows of their processing in order to avoid problems on the supply side. Their customers must always be able to turn to them. 
The valorisation of organic waste streams by Group Op de Beeck produces ammonia water as a by-product. Group Op de Beeck supplies this to neighbouring company Sleco. This used to use fossil urea to limit the emission of nitrogen oxides, while Group Op de Beeck's bio-based ammonia water produces the same result. 

Also bioplastics  

Group Op de Beeck also wants to make bioplastics from organic waste. Triplew, an Israeli biotech company, together with Bio base Europe Pilot Plant in Ghent, had developed a new process to convert carbohydrates from organic waste into lactic acid. This lactic acid is an essential building block of bioplastics. These are used, among other things, in food and beverage packaging. Group Op de Beeck can supply representative organic waste, making it the perfect partner for TripleW to scale up the pilot project.  



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