Not sustainable? No longer welcome at the Copenhagen Fashion Week!

Posted on 3 Mar 2020

“It is a serious ambition, because we want to transform a traditional event like a fashion week into a platform for sustainability. It's a radical new way to think about fashion weeks, without dropping the existing format. ”

Three-year action plan

These are the words of Cecilie Thorsmark, CEO of Copenhagen Fashion Week. The organizers of this annual Scandinavian fashion industry want to radically break with the not so sustainable image of both the industry and the organization of the fashion weeks themselves. The clothing industry is under pressure to produce more sustainably and the successive fashion weeks and events have left a considerable ecological footprint due to the many movements. The organization therefore proposed an action plan over three years during the Copenhagen Fashion Week in January. This action plan will require major efforts from the event itself, but also from the fashion houses. Fashion houses that do not comply with the new rules may no longer take office.

17 requirements for the fashion houses

The organization of the Danish fashion week imposes strict rules for itself to reduce emissions by 50 percent. For example, only locally produced food will be served and all disposable plastic material is prohibited. The many movements will have to be done with electric shuttle buses or wagons. From now on, the personnel will wear uniforms with recycled materials. Furthermore, Copenhagen Fashion Week will measure the ecological footprint and offset the emissions. The aim is to evaluate all measures at regular intervals and adjust them where necessary. Fashion companies also have to do their bit and comply with no fewer than 17 requirements. For example, they are no longer allowed to destroy clothing and if they cannot prove that 50 percent of their clothing is made with sustainable material, they will no longer be welcome in Denmark within three years. Furthermore, the marketing and production conditions must also be sustainable.


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