New charging concept: automatically replacing empty car batteries with full charged ones

Posted on 4 Aug 2021

The California start-up Ample has developed a new charging concept for electric cars. Instead of charging a car at a charging station, their system can automatically replace dead batteries with full ones in less than ten minutes.

Cheaper and faster

Ample's idea to replace the traditional concept of charging at a pole with swapping empty batteries for full ones is revolutionary. Not only because many countries are investing heavily in the construction of charging stations, but also because Ample's system of fully automatic exchange stations is much cheaper and it is a matter of ten minutes before a driver with full batteries can drive on again. The traditional system is much more expensive.

Important partnerships

A promotional video by Ample on YouTube explains the concept in detail.   In the short term, Ample can set up a fully automatic exchange station, whereby a robot replaces the batteries at the bottom with batteries fully charged from sustainable energy sources within ten minutes. For instance, users of Sally, an American company that only rents out electric cars, will be able to charge their cars at switching stations in four major cities: San Francisco, New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago. There is also interest from Japan. The Japanese oil and energy company ENEOS will further roll out the charging stations and the Ample concept.


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